Dog Training Programs

Dog training is a lifestyle… not a handful of sessions.  We will help you cultivate the beginning foundations for a well-behaved dog.  We are here to help you navigate the canine language & better communicate with your best friend.  You are never not a parent & a few lessons for your child does not create the perfect human.  You are always a parent, as you are always a dog owner.  It is our job to help these living beings successfully go through their life providing them with support & feedback from their environment.  We need to teach dogs how to co-exist in our human world.  That’s where we come in to help!  We believe in using balanced training methods, which means we use both “yes” & “no”, to teach dogs new skills.  Our tools include but are not limited; using food & toy rewards, clickers, front & rear attaching harnesses, prong collars, e collars, pet convincer, long lines/leashes.

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THE WALK- $175 (2 sessions; 1 hour each) This program covers the walk only.  Have a dog that pulls you down the street?  Pulls you through doors & down stairs?  Is not engaged with you during a walk? Do you feel like the one being “walked”?! The walk is one of the most important things you share with your dog.  Creating a structured heel position & leash respect can alter your entire relationship with your dog. THE WALK includes introduction to training equipment, heeling on a structured walk & any mild reactivity issues.


MINI SESSIONS- These sessions go above & beyond THE WALK. By creating more structure within your household & in your daily routine, we are able to create a calmer state of mind for your dog.  These programs are perfect for dogs that are overly excited/aroused, anxious/fearful or are just not listening to what you are trying to communicate to them.

2 Mini Sessions– $250 (2 sessions; 1st– 2 hours, 2nd– 1 hour) This program covers the walk, thresholds & place.  Creating handler awareness is a huge component of communicating with our dogs.  If your dog is not aware or respectful of you, there is a huge communication breakdown.  In these 2 mini sessions, we begin to work more in depth to harness this attention so you & your dog can develop into a stronger team.  Threshold awareness is used to help strengthen focus on the owner.  “Place” is used to promote calm behavior & a more relaxed state of mind.  Developing a solid “place” behavior creates a meditative state for your dog.

4 Mini Sessions– $400 (4 sessions; 1st– 2 hours, each additional- 1 hour) Covers the walk, thresholds, place, waiting for food/impulse control, & down.  In these 4 sessions we really get down to business.  You will learn to create calm in your dog as well as working with them under the 3 D’s; distance, distraction & duration.


Behavioral Consultation- $125 initial consultation & $75 each additional session. (1st session- 1.5 hours, each additional session- 1 hour).  Does your dog have a specific behavior concern that you need to have addressed?  Does your dog show aggressive behaviors towards people, animals or in certain places?  Are they lunging or barking aggressively on leash during walks?  Do they guard, growl or bite when you try to take their food, toys or other objects from them?  Is your dog destroying your home by chewing up everything in sight or using it as a restroom?  Does your dog steal your belongings, counter surf or bark at anything & everything?  Do you have difficulties grooming your dog or administering medications?  Let us help you!  We will put together a comprehensive program to help you & your dog navigate through these issues.  A personalized program will be designed to meet your training goals in order for you & your dog to get back into balance.


Puppies!- $300 (4 sessions; 1 hour each, puppies 8 weeks to 5 months only)  Who doesn’t LOVE a puppy!  Bringing a new pup into your home is an exciting time!  However proper socialization & exposure, along with a core set of foundation skills, will set the tone for the rest of your lives together.  We will cover the how’s & why’s of proper puppy socialization, also how to correctly expose your pup to new experiences.  We will teach you & your pup some core foundation skills, work on confidence building & calming exercises.  We will cover, house-training, crate-training, sit, down, place, come on leash, chewing, biting, whining, jumping, over excitement, drop it & any other concern you may have during our time together.  Creating proper structure now, will help shape the dog your pup will become in the years to come.


Skype Session- $35 for 30 minutes OR $75 for 1 hour.  If distance is an issue or maybe you have a question that does not require one of our hands-on training programs, let’s set up a video call consultation!  We will discuss one-on-one the issues you are having with your dog & coach you through strategies to help alleviate these problems.


Board & Train- COMING SOON!!   2-5 week programs available.  Check back for updates!


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